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  BPMon 6.0 is available in Appstore now. PDF Print
Written by Anatoly Butko   
Oct 10, 2012 at 12:25 AM

  BPMon 3.2 is coming soon PDF Print
Written by Anatoly Butko   
Jul 09, 2010 at 06:01 PM

- iOS 4 qualified.

- User-defined CSV and table exports, now you can define list of exporting fields, order in the exported table and sorting by any field in ascending or descending order.

  BPMon - Blood Pressure Monitor coming soon PDF Print
Written by Anatoly Butko   
Apr 08, 2010 at 05:01 PM

BPMon – Blood Pressure Monitor is advanced and easy-to-use tool to watch for your blood pressure on a daily basis and included tools for recording, editing, exporting data, calculating and drawing statistics and reports.


- Native iPad support as well as iPhone/iPod.

- Past 24-hours averages and distribution calculation and charts on the front page.

- Allows you to enter values any number of times per day.

- Allows to add categories and comments to each record.

- Allows to add, edit and delete your own categories ('Exercise', 'Coffee', etc).

- Commenting entered values ('Hypertension','Normal','Hypotension').

- Easy editing or deleting any saved record.

- Allows to edit records by tapping on the averages charts at the desired position.

- Auto-scaling logarithmic charts are comfortable as for high as for low blood pressure observation. 

- Calculating averages on daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis and drawing corresponding charts.

- Drawing yellow daily averages chart over weekly, monthly and annual charts.

- Calculating distribution of measurements on daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis and drawing correspondent summary and hourly charts.

- Noting by color on the charts low, normal and high blood pressure fields.

- Marking each history record by red, yellow, green or blue icon and color depends on temperature - high, normal or low.

- Exporting history data to e-mail in plain table or CSV format for analyzing by external tools.

- Producing 5-days summary report with daily and total averages, distributions and charts.

- Included storage manager to delete obsolete records.

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Please note: 

This application is information recording tool only and is not intended to diagnose, prevent or recommend treatment for any disease or illness.

Consult your doctor for informed medical advice about your health.

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