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Version 10.0 is released PDF Print
Written by Anatoly Butko   
Mar 27, 2017 at 05:52 PM
New version 10.0 is released and available now in AppStore.
- Added HealthKit support, you can use two-way sync for initial data exchange and activate one-the-fly storing newly entered values in the Healt application. 
There are now 2 versions of each application:
- Paid 'Pro' version - all features are available and all paid applications are upgraded now to 'Pro' version.
- Free version -  You can try is it really what you need without any obligations. You can eventually unlock all 'Pro' features or/and buy paid 'Pro' version if you need to keep records for two people.
ps. Cameras on new iPhones are really good -  iHeart can now measure you heart rate even if you point the camera at your face.
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